Sarah was born in England in 1964. After following a degree course in textile design she travelled around Asia and Australia for a couple of years doing a range of jobs including costume design for a theatre and restaurant. She found out that textile design wasn’t really her passion.

In 1987 she moved to Holland and started a potting course by the famous Dutch ceramist Wim Borst mainly with the intention of learning Dutch whilst doing something that she thought she’d like doing! She soon realised that “potting” was what she had been looking for as a medium to express her artistic ideas and decided to work in a pottery to learn the trade. She consequently worked for 3 and a half years as a production thrower in a pottery in Leiden. The work meant throwing thousands of pots of the same form which was obviously very repetitive and not so inspiring, but a good way to learn. Now as a self-employed potter Sarah’s passion is still throwing, but she now relishes in making mainly one off pieces.

Her sculptures are all made out of a number of thrown pieces which Sarah then assembles together. She decorates them in bright, cheerful colours and in total they are fired three times. They are also suitable for outside.

Sarah sells her work in a number of galleries and also stands on around 6 ceramic markets each year in Holland and abroad. She has also won a number of prizes.